Cairngorm Images is a collection of landscape photographs by Archie Lang. They are mainly from the Badenoch and Strathspey Area of the Cairngorms National Park In the Scottish Highlands
Strathpuffer 06

Here are a few pictures taken during the 2006 Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race held on 14th/15th January. If any of the nutters , I mean brave competitors, would like better copies of any of these e-mail me at and Iíll send them on to you




Maggie Creber


Philip Walker


John Shirley & John Bardgett


Steve Lockhart




Kenny Kentley


Kenny Kentley


Kenny Reid


Jock Souter




Jock Souter


Michael Beattie


Richard Russell


Ruari Watt




Dougie Elder


Dougie Elder


Martin Havan


Martin Havan




Chris Bryant


Euan Pope


Euan Pope


Adrian Pottinger













Morven Brown







Gary Forrest


Manny Gorman


Richard Salisbury




William Collins





Stephen Adshead
















Spook Munro




Magnus Davidson


Graham Menzies


Geaorge Cairns ( what a helmet!)







Mike Bossard


Russell Jones


Russell Jones


Steve Heading







Gavin Queen


Dave Lynch


Peter MacLennan




Mats Kraft





Hamish Creber


Gavin Hanna







Sam Grummit


Paul Drummond


James McDade




Jake Hannah & David Smith


Ali Masson


Graham Menzies


Jon Shutt


Angus Reid - Evans


Manny Gorman (only 17 hours to go!)

All Photographs © 2003-2006 Archie Lang

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